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Jill & Ally Radiate Positivity Candle

Jill & Ally Radiate Positivity Candle

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We can’t get enough of this iridescent candle which features clear quartz / green fluorite crystals, which promote healing, good energy, and clarity. An added bonus? It smells like peach and oblong tea. The chicest gift for someone special (including yourself)! 

  • 13 oz and contains two wicks
  • An approx. burn time of 80 hours 
  • Made from 100% soy; all natural and hand poured 
  • Once your candle’s wax has melted, you can keep the two crystals to keep you uplifted and recharged 

*Please ensure that you remove your crystals with a spoon once they’re exposed to the wax since the crystal can be hot.  Do not remove your crystals while the wick is lit.