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Jill & Ally Radiate Self Love Club Candle

Jill & Ally Radiate Self Love Club Candle

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We‘re obsessed with this iridescent candle which features amethyst and rose quartz crystals which promote serenity, compassion, and tranquility.  \An added bonus? It smells like pink champagne and grapefruit. The chicest gift for someone special (including yourself)! 

  • 13 oz and contains two wicks
  • An approx. burn time of 80 hours 
  • Made from 100% soy; all natural and hand poured 
  • Once your candle’s wax has melted, you can keep the two crystals to keep you uplifted and recharged 

*Please ensure that you remove your crystals with a spoon once they’re exposed to the wax since the crystal can be hot.  Do not remove your crystals while the wick is lit. 


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