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Vital Proteins 5 Pack Collagen Sampler

Vital Proteins 5 Pack Collagen Sampler

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We love that this collagen sampler let’s you try all our favorite (and Vital Proteins’ best selling) collagen powders and creamers. This set features four different collagen peptide powders and one collagen peptide creamer. All the products are paleo friendly, dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. They’re also low in sugar (all packets have 2g of sugar or less), contain at least 8 essential amino acids, and are whole 30 approved. * Added bonus? These powders all have high bioavailability, which means that they’re absorbed and digested quickly for maximum benefit. 

  • The Tropical Hibiscus Beauty Collagen Packet contains 12g of collagen peptides & 120mg of Hyaluronic acid to support skin, hair, joints and nails.
  • The Orange Morning Get Up & Glow Packet contains 10g of collagen, 600% of your daily value of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, biotin, and caffeine to power you through your morning (and also give your skin a more youthful appearance).
  • The Marine Collagen Packet contains 10g of collagen, which is wild caught and non GMO, and is unflavored. This simple yet effective powder keeps your skin healthy and supports both nail and hair growth.
  • The Vanilla Collagen Creamer Packet contains 5g of collagen and is made with coconut milk powder. This delicious gluten and dairy free supplement supports healthy bones and joints while also helping your skin to look youthful and fresh.
  • The Collagen Peptides Packet, a Vital Proteins Classic & best seller, contains 10g of collagen, which is grass fed and pasture raised, and is unflavored. This powder is simple yet highly effective. It provides ample hydration to your skin while also helping to maintain its elasticity. It also provides nail, hair, bone and joint support.
  • Instructions:  Combine one packet with 8 fl oz of liquid and mix thoroughly. *For the Collagen Creamer, Vital Proteins advises that you specifically combine the packet with 8 fl oz of hot coffee or hot liquid (and mix thoroughly).

*Please note: coop & spree obtains all its information about each wellness and health product itself sells on this site directly from the brand.  For the most up-to-date list of ingredients and information about a product, including the potential side effects, please refer to the product packaging. We are not doctors or nutritionists and always think it’s best to consult a healthcare professional prior to taking taking any supplements or health products


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