Alexa Leigh Mufson

Meet The Miami Based Mama to Cy (8), Dean (5) & Ever (2), and the CEO & Designer of Alexa Leigh.

What's Your Favorite Part of Motherhood?

All of it! The good the bad and the ugly.

What's The Most Challenging Part?

Being there for everyone equally. 

What Have You Learned About Yourself in Your Role as a Mom? 

I’ve learned I have good maternal instincts.

What's Your Favorite Parenting Tip/Hack/Piece of Advice?

Dont take other people’s parenting advice. Do what is best for you and your family.

How Do You Self Care?

A Shower. haha. and exercise. I also like a foot massage! 

What's a Mantra, Quote, or Phrase You Live By?

Given this is reality, how do you want to show up?

What's Your Favorite coop kidz Brand?

Lovey & Grink and Sol Angeles 

What Are Your Favorite coop & spree Brands For Yourself?

Mother Denim and Alexa Leigh

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