Danielle Weisberg

Meet the NYC based mama to Gabe (3) & Aiden (22 mo), Co-CEO & Co-Founder of TheSkimm, Advisor 

What's Your Favorite Part of Motherhood?

My favorite part of being a mom is learning how to play again. As an adult, I think we lose that ability to just be and play without expectation. I love that spending time with my kids means spending time in their world of imagination and possibilities. 

What's The Most Challenging Part?

The most challenging part of motherhood is the expectation that I put on myself to be a type of mom that doesn't exist. As a working mom, I constantly have to remind myself that it is impossible to be there for my kids, my husband, my business, and myself -- all in the same 24 hours. It's not us -- there is truly not enough time in the day or week to do it all. And 'doing it all' is not a realistic goal that sets anyone up for success.

What Have You Learned About Yourself in Your Role as a Mom? 

will always love to sleep in!

What's Your Favorite Parenting Tip/Hack/Piece of Advice?

My biggest parenting tip is to ask for help. Very few people have the problem of having 'too many' resources. Give yourself the grace to admit that it takes a village -- so bring your village in. 

How Do You Self Care?

I started doing Saturday morning work out classes and coffee with a girlfriend. It makes me feel better to move my body and also to carve out each time to just be 'me' in a way that I was before kids.

What's a Mantra, Quote, or Phrase You Live By?

Remember when you wanted what you currently have. 

What's Your Favorite coop kidz Brands?

Kissy Kissy & Petite Plume

What Are Your Favorite coop & spree Brands For Yourself?

Cami NYCEberjey

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