Emily Strauss

Meet the LA based mama to Olivia (3 mo) and Angel Baby Austin (3), and the Founder and Designer of EF Collection 

What's Your Favorite Part of Motherhood?

Watching my healthy baby develop and grow so much day by day.

What's The Most Challenging Part?

Juggling it all - work, new mom life, making time for my husband and myself!

What Have You Learned About Yourself in Your Role as a Mom? 

I'm stronger than I thought and I can get through the most difficult times.

What's Your Favorite Parenting Tip/Piece of Advice You'd Give to Others?

Be kind and gentle to yourself and your spouse. Everyone is doing their best. 

How Do You Self Care?

I never skip a mani/pedi (it's my hour of alone, "me time"). 

What's a Mantra, Quote, or Phrase You Live By?

It's the challenges that teach you your greatest lessons and ultimately make you strong.

What Are Your Favorite coop kidz Brands?

Angel Dear & Kissy Kissy

What Are Your Favorite coop & spree Brands For Yourself?

The Great & EF Collection


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