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We’re thrilled to now provide personal wellness coaching for millennial women struggling with autoimmune diseases, gut and digestion problems (bloating, constipation, SIB0, leaky gut etc), and a host of conditions including but not limited to chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, brain fog, muscle tension, joint pain, stress,burnout, and mold / heavy metal toxicity.

This new offering was born out of our own health journey which started 12 years ago. In the very same year coop & spree launched, we were diagnosed with a Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a chronic kidney disease, and cervical cancer. We also suffered from chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, debilitating anxiety, and more recently, black mold toxicity, candida, and heavy metal poisoning. Complicating an already difficult health journey, we learned just last year, in August 2022, that our RA was actually a misdiagnosis and our real autoimmune condition was Psoriatic Arthritis.

For so many weeks at a time, it was normal for us to spend 5-6 days per week in bed, unable to perform basic activities. One day we woke up and said, there has to be another way. So, we embarked on a life-changing healing journey and enlisted the help of a nutritionist, a functional medicine coach, and holistic wellness practitioner (in addition to our rheumatologist, dermatologist and PCP). Working with these aforementioned individuals finally provided us with the relief we so desperately needed. They also equipped with the tools and resources needed for us to live a life of joy, adventure and fulfillment. By changing our diet, adding in supplements and protocols rooted in cutting edge technology, and incorporating intentional movement and wellness practices, we’re finally on the other side of the proverbial wellness mountain.

With coop coaching, we want to provide you with the same access to the frameworks and lifestyle practices so you can live the life you desire and deserve.


Women’s Holistic Wellness Accelerator ($1,998):

  • A 75 minute intake via Zoom to address your symptoms, pain points, goals, history, and objectives
  • 5 bi-weekly 60 minute Zoom sessions to assist and provide real-time support and guidance during the beginning of your healthy journey o
  • A comprehensive healing and wellness plan and protocol which be tailored to your specific nutrition, movement and mindset needs; this will be altered after each session to adapt your specific needs in real time. All guidelines and suggestions will be provided via PDF and updated after each session so you have a tangible resource at your disposal 24/7
  • A 10 week program
  • The option to do Functional Lab Testing* at 25% off so we can pinpoint and tackle specific root causes of your condition(s); a detailed analysis will provided for each test which is performed
  • Unlimited email and text support for 6 months
  • Option to book additional one-off sessions as needed at a discounted rate
  • 25% off suggested supplements and wellness gadgets/devices
  • Exclusive access to our network of vetted wellness professionals with specific expertises in areas such as Cellular Detox and Epigenetics, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindset Coaching, Nervous System Regulation, and more.
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Women’s Holistic Wellness Consult: Nutrition, Detox & Drainage ($298):

  • A 75 minute zoom to discuss your medical conditions, symptoms, and specific needs
  • A customized dietary, detox and drainage protocol which will provide a 360 approach by focusing on your dietary needs via nutrition and supplements, movement and wellness practices to best help the drainage and detoxification process, and mindset practiced
  • 20% off discount on suggested supplements
  • Opportunity to do Functional Lab Testing to address the root cause of your symptoms; an opportunity to schedule a private session for us to analyze together the results of your tests
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months after you receive your customized plan
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  Functional Lab Testing Analysis ($225):

  • A 40 minute private session via Zoom to discuss and interpret the results of your Functional Lab Test
  • An extensive guide will be provided after the Zoom session to provide you with an analysis and recap of your trst results; it also will provide you with a customized suggested nutrition, supplement and lifestyle protocol for you to implement immediately thereafter if desired
  •  20% off Functional Lab Testing (this amount is separate from the cost of the interpretation and consult)
  • Unlimited email support for 4 weeks after your analysis
  • Please email to see a Sample PDF Report for the lab test(s) you're interested in taking 
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Functional Lab Testing Specialties:
  • Organic Acids Testing (OAT): a comprehensive urine which provides a metabolic snapshot of overall health. OAT utilizes urinary markers to oxidate stress, as well as mineral, vitamin and neurotransmitter levels to help patients who struggling with digestive issues, fatigue, and mood disorders. 
  • Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis (HTMA): a test which utilizes a patient's hair (and sometimes nails) to gauge a patient’s nutrient and toxic load levels and ratios. Toxins measured include, but not limited to, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, & Cadmium. This test is often recommended after a full blood and urine panel since the results of those can fluctuate daily based on recent inputs; the information found in the hair is subjected less to daily fluctuations. 
  • GI Map Test: a stool test which is analyzed via to help determine and asses the role of pathogens, bacteria, fungi, parasites, yeast, and more in the gut. These factors are the key contributors to autoimmune conditions, IBD/IBS/leaky gut, brain fog, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, and other inflammatory related issues. 
  • 3x4 DNA/Genetics Testing
  • Additional tests related to food sensitives, environmental exposures and more, are also available via Rupa Health and will be suggested to a client based on specific symptoms and pain points.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the University of Pennsylvania ‘08; Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia Business School ‘13; Graduated with Dean’s List Honors
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Certification Specialty Course: Detox Your Life
  • Harvard Medical School Certification Program; Health and Wellness: Designing a Sustainable Nutrition Plan (Completion November 2023)
  • Dr. Jess Peatross Certification Courses:
  • - The Hidden Enemies - Parasites & Heavy Metals
  • - Drainage Pathways
  • - Kill Bind Sweat Protocol
  • - Functional & Holistic Nutrition - Controversial Topics
  • - How To Read Labwork - Part 1
  • - How To Read Labwork - Part 2
  • - How To Read Labwork - Part 3
  • - Hidden Infections - Bacteria & Viruses
  • - Biotoxin Illnesses - Mold, Candida & Tick Associated
  • - Leaky Gut Protocols
  • Well College Global Certification Program: Holistic Wellness Coaching
  • Well College Global Certification Course: Nutrition Psychology (Food Choices & Eating Habits)
  • American Sports & Fitness Association (ASFA) Certification: Health & Wellness Coaching
  • In On Around: In On Around Academy, an extensive certification program around environmental, beauty and ingredient safety
  • True Foods Nutrition Certification Course: Hair Mineral Analysis Certification Course for Health Practitioners
  • WellBe Programs: WellBe Patient Advocacy & Navigation for Health Coaches & Practitioners
  • WellBe Programs: Spark Health Program in Toxing Living
  • Functional Medicine Services Certification Course: Functional Medicine Foundations (taught by Stewart Gillespie)
  • 3x4 Genetics: 3x4 Blueprint Certification Course