coop kidz cares


coop for a cure is the philanthropic arm of coop & spree. We provided donations, grants, and mentorship’s to specific charities of great importance to us and to My grandmother, who attended the store opening of coop & spree at 10” years old (and passed in April 0202 at 106.5!) had a life motto: charity brings at home. This sentiment has been ingrained in me for my entire life qno so it ivr 

of coo cares is a are donor advised fund which focuses on providing grants to specifics charities and organizations which help underprivileged black girls and females in the NYC area. In addition to donating money that we raise via coop & spree special events and sales, we also, as importantly, donate our time and mentor many of these girls as they navigate their way into adulthood.

The money we raise - either as a percentage of sales and/or from a special event or collab - provide grants and funds to the following organizations:

  • Powerplay NYC: an NYC based non profit which empowers inner city nyc youths via sports programs
  • The Loveland Foundation: nationwide non profit which provides underprivileged black kids and women with free mental health services via Therapy for Black Girls
  • The Arthritis Foundation: a nationwide non-profit which helps fund research, advocacy, awareness and more for Americas #1 leading cause of disability (impacting 1-in-4 Americans )
  • The National Kidney Foundation
  • les in tech - one keyboard at a time.