Emily Faith Strauss

Meet the LA based mama to Olivia (3 mo) + Angel Austin (3) & the CEO / Designer of EF Collection 
What's Your Favorite Part of Motherhood?
Watching my healthy baby develop and grow so much day by day.
What's The Most Challenging Part?
Juggling it all - work, new mom life, making time for my husband and myself!
What Have You Learned About Yourself in Your Role as a Mom? 
I’m stronger than I thought and I can get through the most difficult times.
What's Your Favorite Parenting Tip/Piece of Advice You'd Give to Others?
Be kind and gentle to yourself and your spouse. Everyone is doing their best.
How Do You Self Care?
I never skip a mani pedi (it’s my hour of alone, “me time”).
What's a Mantra, Quote, or Phrase You Live By?
It’s the challenges that teach you your greatest lessons and ultimately make you strong.
What Are Your Favorite coop & spree Brands for Yourself?
What Are Your Favorite coop kidz Brands?